Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Even more so if you've felt compelled to find out more 'about me'.

So then, about me; I'm Rina, a Taurean from Bradford, UK. I'm a marketer by day but I'm also a self-taught professional make up artist. My last marketing position ended in February and so I came to a crossroad. Do the sensible thing and put a deposit down on a house. Or, go travelling. I decided on the latter. At 31 all my friends are getting hitched and having kids but every cell in my body was telling me to just go!

So I booked a one way ticket to New Zealand to catch up with a friend and after that I figured I'd let life happen. Expect to come across posts about my jaunts but mainly write ups of what it actually feels like to travel solo.

Other loves include New York City, triangles, tattoos, tattoos of triangles (I have one on my foot), New Age kookiness, fennel tea, Michael Fassbender (my old car was called Fassbender), books, Amaretto Sours and creating loads of positive energy! Part of what I call the 'Just love' movement since 2012.

If you'd like to get in touch feel free to tweet me or drop me a good old fashioned email: rinadebmua@gmail.com

Just love



P.S. This blog is dedicated to Vin and Belinda. Two friends who believed that I had something good to contribute to the world of blogging when I didn't. Big love to you both x

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