Thursday 21 August 2014

If you're reading this you're probably wearing the wrong bra size


Breasts. Also referred to as boobies, babylons, baps, bajongas, hooters and a whole host of other names. Regardless of what you call them, all women have them and they’re fab in all shapes and sizes. Just recently, however, I have discovered that I've been getting bra sizes all wrong my whole life. This revelation came to light when my sister was poking fun of my back flab and told me that my bra didn’t fit properly. I was pretty annoyed. I mean I’ve always thought I had small boobs but didn’t want to come to terms with needing a bigger band size. That’s how it works right? If I have a bit of overhang it meant I needed a bigger band size. Which would mean I’d need to go even smaller in cup size…Great! So to get to the bottom of this I decided to get measured properly at shop that specialises in underwear.

The first place that came to mind – Victoria’s Secret. I went over on my lunch break and asked to be measured for my ‘angel fit’. I walked in a 36B and walked out a 34DD! This was mind boggling! All my life I was convinced that women with double-D cups were the sort that graced the pages of magazines on the top shelf. I just couldn’t get my head around it. But the bras she suggested did fit and my boobs did look great…

So to make sure the lovely shop assistant at Victoria’s Secret wasn’t playing a cruel trick on me I went to Bravissimo the following week, just for good measure. Interestingly, they don’t measure the traditional way using a tape. The lady asked me what size bra I was wearing - a 36D (yes I still wasn’t convinced that I needed a smaller band size). So she got me several different bras in all shapes and sizes to compliment my boob shape and size as the padded one from Victoria's Secret still felt like it was standing off my boobs. My fault entirely as I went for a bigger band size - lesson learnt. So at Bravissimo my bra style of choice fit me best in a whopping 32F! Insane, I know, but I was taking her word for it this time. She was the pro and I clearly didn’t have a clue!

This whole experience was a huge learning curve for me. All my life I’ve been wearing bras in the wrong sizes and I know loads of other women will be doing exactly the same thing. So for anyone that’s reading this, here are the main things you need to know about bra sizes:

1) Cup sizes have nothing to do with how big or small someone’s boobs are. They’re relative to the band sizes. The volume contained by a 32F bra is completely different to that of a 36F. And DD doesn't always mean Pam Anderson sized boobies.

2) Most women will always overestimate their band size. I’m a dress size 12-14 so I would never dream of buying a bra with a band size of 32. But according to the professionals a well fitted bra should fit snug around the band and you should only be able to fit two fingers underneath it. Yes, it will feel tight to start with but they are made with elasticated material that stretches over time. I read this post on Fuller Focus that explains how bras are like new shoes, you're suposed to break them in before they start to feel comfortable.

3) Bra cups need to cover all of the breast tissue. When I try on one of my old bras now, I notice how all these years the cups only cover the fullest part of my breasts. A good bra should go all the way across the breast and under the middle of the armpit.

4) Bra straps need to be pulled tight enough so that you can only pull it a quarter of an inch away at the most. This way your boobs are lifted and your back gets more support. So get tightening those straps!

5) A new bra should always be worn on the loosest strap to begin with and as it stretches with more wear you then start using the tighter hooks.
6) Most importantly, all bras fit completely differently. A 34DD might fit you perfectly in a balconette style but not so great in a plunge style. It’s so important to always try before you buy and to try different sizes and styles on until it ticks all the boxes.
Since I have realised the error of my ways I googled this topic and found loads of useful information on blogs and forums. Jen at Epbot wrote a funny and insightful post on Everything You Never Knew You Needed To Know About Bras. It discusses things like ‘sister sizes’ and breast shapes in more detail and really helped me to debunk some myths about bra sizes. I also found some really handy instruction guides on the Bravissimo website. Things like ‘how to put a bra on’ and a fitting video. Sounds like a no brainer but honestly, you’ll be surprised by how most of us aren’t even wearing a bra properly!
So there you have it. How I got bigger boobs without going under the knife! The impact that this experience has had on me psychologically is pretty amazing. Being told by a professional that I’m smaller in the band and bigger in the cup has literally made me feel like I’ve had a boob job and I wanted to share this with other women so they can get a bra that fits right. Please share with your friends and spread the word! And remember to 'swoop and scoop'!
Thank you to the wonderful shop assistants at Victoria’s Secret and Bravissimo in Leeds. I received a fantastic and personalised service at both places and would definitely recommend them to other women looking for their perfect bra.

I would love to know about your thoughts, suggestions and experiences on this subject so please leave a comment.

Just love

Rina xoxo

Just need to figure out what to do with all my old bras now. Bra burning session anyone...?


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  1. Great excuse for me to visit Victoria's secret this weekend! Will let you know how I get on - it could cost me a fortune....... or save me a fortune & painful surgery!!!!


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