Friday 29 August 2014

The Body Shop - Wild Argan Oil Launch Event

Last Thursday my friend and fellow blogger, Belinda and I attended the launch event for the new Wild Argan Oil collection at The Body Shop in Leeds. The event was a great way to introduce the collection to a crowd of beauty enthusiasts as it gave us an opportunity to look at the new line outside of trading hours.

The theme for the event was of course all things Moroccan. All the sales assistants were wearing middle eastern inspired hair accessories and they had sweet mint tea and my favourite, Baklava for refreshments. As well as the opportunity to try out the new products, they also had professionals doing sample back and hand massages. They did a really great job of letting everyone indulge in a bit of luxury and they were all very clued up on the line and how the new range came about.

A presentation was delivered telling us all about the collection, where the oil comes from and how it is made. It was clear that The Body Shop really invest their efforts into where they source their ingredients from and more importantly how they source them.

Their Wild Argan Oil comes from the foothills of the Atlas mountains and the kernels that the oil comes from can only be extracted by hand cracking the nut with a stone! This is all done by the Berber women of the Taraganine cooperative who are experts in doing this. Beauty with Heart is what The Body Shop call their collections that are made with Community Fair Trade ingredients and their Wild Argan Oil suppliers in Morocco are the latest to partner up with them.

The collection itself includes eight products all containing the luxurious 'Queen of Oils' as the Moroccan women call it. Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids the range is great for all skin types as it deeply hydrates, protects and nourishes the skin. My favourites in the collection are the Radiant Oil and of course, the Body Butter. It's a great luxury addition to their current product line and is perfect for anyone who wants to indulge and achieve beautiful skin. As the Moroccan women say: 'When your skin is glowing it's a reflection of a peaceful soul' and anyone who knows me knows I'm all for a peaceful soul!

You can see the Wild Argan Oil collection by clicking here.

Have you tried the Wild Argan Oil products yet? What do you think of the collection?

Just love

Rina xoxo

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