Monday 15 December 2014

My perfect cool toned brown - Illamasqua's Glamour lipstick in Buff

I feel like I've been looking for the perfect cool brown lip colour for, like, ever. All I wanted was a brown lipstick. Not a pinky brown or a reddish brown, just a cool brown. It's got this 90's, Cindy Crawford feel to it and although it's not impossible to come across one for paler skins, finding one that doesn't make me look like tanned corpse has proven to be extremely difficult.

I've seen a few lip colours that have the right tone but they just don't have enough depth to cut it with my skin tone. Until (hurrah!) I nipped into Illamasqua in Leeds the other day. It's obviously been far too long since my last visit because I came across Buff from their Glamore collection and it was everything I had been looking for; a cool toned, medium depth brown with a satin finish.

I also picked up a couple of other bits to go with my new lipstick; A colouring pencil in Fidelity and a lip gloss in Intimacy which look amazing together or teamed up with with Buff.

Let me know what your perfect brown lip colours are...

Just love

Rina xoxo


  1. Hi Rina! That lip colour is absolutely beautiful! I've never been to Illamasqua in Leeds before, I might have a pop in in January!

    Love Sarah (from fabulous Yorkshire bloggers!) xxx

    1. Yes, do go in, the team there are lovely. If you see the manager, Natalie, say I sent you! Thanks for stopping by my page xx

  2. Such a beautiful colour, I bet it looks amazing with your skin tone, damn I wish I wasn’t so pale and could pull colours like this off haha. Also is this a new layout on your blog I see? It looks gorgeous, really loving the header.

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty


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